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Events in Niagara are drawing to a close in connection with the recognition and commemoration of the Bi-centennial of the War of 1812. About a year before all of this began, Heritage Thorold made the decision that they should do something special since a notable battle of this War was fought in Thorold. With that in mind, they commissioned a local and well-known artist – Catharine Mellor, to create some artwork which would illustrate this local Battle of Beaverdams.

Catharine is a superb artist with a great deal of experience in art and mural work. She spent considerable time researching our project to ensure that the artwork, in every way, accurately represented this battle. The result was a series of 4 panels and it was beautifully done.

Since that time, this artwork has been "on tour" and our committee has been considering a local home for this story of our past. Just before the closure of school, it was transported from the Laura Secord Homestead in Queenston to Thorold Secondary School so that it can remind us of our rich history here in Niagara, and in particular, Thorold. It was presented at the final Assembly for this school term on June 15th and was well-received and appreciated by all.

Photographs of these art panels are included here. They have also been used for post cards (available at "The Post Office" Shannon Passero" and our Tourism/Museum Centre). The panels, which have recently been framed, are now in a location where they can be enjoyed by all who enter our local high school. They will also be a constant reminder to the students of the part which Thorold played in this War.
Again, we thank Catharine Mellor for her very fine rendition of the Battle of Beaverdams.

Nominating DeCew House Park as a National Historic Site

DeCew House Heritage Park

Announcement of Designation for 18 South Street South, Port Robinson

The Pew House

The PEW HOUSE C. 1871 is associated wth a village blacksmithing precinct that operated from the third quarter of the nineteenth century to the first years of the twentieth century in Port Robinson. The current house was built on an earlier structure around 1871 when Isaac Pew moved the family and business here and established a vibrant blacksmithing business that continued until his death in 1903.

The designation of The Pew House will take place on Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. at the property. If snowing, the ceremony will be held at the Community Centre across the street.

Under review and research as a Cultural Heritage Landscape

Village of Beaverdams, Beaverdams Church & Graveyard



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Designated Properties

Allanburg Heritage Oak Tree
Allanburg United Church
Allanburg Village Cemetery
Beaverdams Burying Grounds
Beaverdams Methodist Church & Graveyard
Beckett’s Reserve, Duncan McFarland House,
Stephen Beatty House

Calcott-Walker House
Camp House
Carl, Misener, Bald Cemetery
Carnegie Library
Carr-Millar-McMillan Block
Carroll-Tracy House
Carter-Holland House
Chestnut Hall
Constable House
Decew Young House
Decou House Monument

Dobbie House
Dominion Government Building
East Side School Bell
Fire Bell
First Presbyterian Church
Flannery House
Fraser-McMann House
George Bouk House
Grenville House
Griffiths House
Kennedy-Ward House
L.G. Lorriman/Central School
Lynch House
Macartney Drug Store
Memorial Park
Millar House
Millstone - Welland Mills

Moore-Lampman House
Munro House
O'Brien House
Old Firehall
The Parsonage
Port Robinson Brick School
Quebec Bank
Robert Elliot House
Ross House
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Sir Edward Beatty House
Stewart House
The Stone Store
Trinity United Church
War Memorial
Welland Canal 2nd River Lock
Welland Mills